Discussing the Fa Cai Shen CQ9 Gaming Slot Gambling Game

As slot gambling lovers, do you know the fa cai shen game? Most of you beginners might catch it as one of the online slot game titles from Habanero. That is indeed the correct answer, especially since Habaero is a popular slot gambling game developer in Indonesia. However, please note that in the portfolio of online slot provider CQ9 Gaming there is also a game with the title fa cai shen.

There are no frills, these two online slot games have 100 percent the same title. In this regard, at this time the admin will discuss the slot gambling game fa cai shen CQ9 Gaming, because there have been many reviews for games by Habanero.

Fa Cai Shen Online Slot Game Design from CQ9 Gaming

Theme and Background Sound

The slot gambling game fa cai shen by CQ9 has an oriental theme, where the image focuses on the Chinese New Year and the figure of the god of prosperity. This can be seen clearly from the background of the fa cai shen online slot game which is dominantly red in color, while on the reels there are symbols of a golden tree, a golden frog, a typical Chinese abacus calculating tool and gold coins.

Regarding the background sound, it is the same as that which is easy to find in this online slot game, where CQ9 Gaming gives players the choice to activate or deactivate the sound of the game.

Coil Network

This quality online slot game is played on 5 reels 3 rows, then there are 234 paylines. This is not an actual winning pattern, because in the bonus round the winning percentage is even higher.

RTP Value and Volatility

CQ9 Gaming does not provide an original RTP value for the fa cai shen slot gambling game, but it is estimated that the RTP value of this online slot game is 96%. So the prize for winning in the long term in this game is a big nominal.

Fa cai shen from CQ9 Gaming has moderate volatility, but at certain periods it becomes high. You can be sure that the bettor will not be disappointed with the amount of winnings from the bet.

Game Features

CQ9 Gaming will give players 8 free spins or free spins if later there are at least 3 scatters in the reels of the fa cai shen online slot game. Then if there is only one wild symbol on the reels during the free spins, the player gets another free spin. Since there are no limits, fa cai shen offers as many bonus rounds as possible.

On the other hand, wilds will complete winning combinations and mean this feature does double duty. And besides scatter, wild and free spins, this quality online slot gambling game also has a multiplier or multiplier. No kidding, if it’s hockey and there are consecutive wins later the player can trigger a multiplier of up to 150x.

Tips for Playing Fa Cai Shen CQ9 Gaming Slot Gambling

In addition, CQ9 Gaming is one of the gacor slot gambling developers and of course that is claimed by bettors in Indonesia. Thus, fa cai shen online slots have gacor hours which make the chances of winning even higher. What time is the quality online slot game from CQ9 easy to win? Tips from the admin to play from 6 pm to 11 pm so that wins of more than 5000x can be achieved more easily.

That’s all the additional information, and let’s play the fa cai shen online slot game from CQ9 Gaming which has big prizes. Greetings hockey.